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Tell me, does this describe someone you know?

Some people who feel inferior make use of an addiction to try to overcome weaknesses, particularly in times of increased stress or deep inner conflict. An individual's inner inferiority complex reveals itself in the or her actions such as addiction, drug abuse, excessive drinking, child abuse, compulsive eating, blame and aggression among others.

Teen Addiction

No successful person desires a destructive addiction. What individuals who choose addiction or abuse really want is the power and ability to create better lives.

Fearing they don't have this power to increase their lives, you will hear these people use excuses and blame to warrant their addiction and abuse and protect what little dignity they feel they have left.

If you find yourself or others dealing with addiction or abuse, rather than justifying or blaming, ask the following questions:

Do I want healing and resolution with this addiction or abuse?

Am I willing to improve myself to attain healing?

Do I realize I can't control others? The only one I can control is me.

Am I willing to take the first step personally and get rid of my addiction, abuse excuses, blame along with other destructive habits to attain peace and happiness?

Teen drug abuse

Alcohol abuse and drug abuse are typical crutches today. I have met many people who feel tongue-tied or awkward at social events. They find a few cocktails or beers "give them a lift" turning them from introvert to extrovert. There are lots of people who drink to feel better about themselves, even to the purpose of abuse or addiction.

For an article entitled Lori Prokop Interviews the Experts, one doctor said to me, "It's sad but true. An apparently innocent use of alcohol can quickly and easily become an addiction, especially if people perceive they're someway 'improved' when they drink."

Excessive drinking, drug abuse and any other addiction are serious forms of personal loss. The folks, who depend on any exterior addiction or abuse rather than improving their perceived weaknesses and healing their pains, are beaten from the beginning.

Such a person will find healing. They must eliminate the addiction and abuse, find a healing system which works and resolve their fears and pains.

Teen Drug Rehab